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Despite the propaganda used to excuse their violence (that you have likely been inundated with since birth), the job of a police officer in America (even when taking into account the “gun problem”) is not even close to being dangerous.

Even according to the most generous group compiling statistics on the matter of police involved violence (National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund), As of December 27th, 2019 only 128 federal, state and local police officers died in the “line of duty”.

But hold on there sparky! We’re not done yet…43 of those 128 were traffic related fatalities where the officer was outside their patrol vehicle and was struck by another vehicle while engaged in activity on the road. Not intentional homicide but vehicular accidents.

So after some basic arithmetic that leaves us with 85 officer fatalities in 2019. BUT WAIT! There’s more…

Next we need to subtract the 19 officers who died from “job-related illnesses” leaving 66 officer fatalities in 2019. If you thought you were done, think again. Take those remaining 66 and subtract the 12 that died from 9/11 attack related illnesses and you end up with 54 police officer deaths but don’t forget the 1 officer who died due to fire while on duty and the 1 who died while on vacation in Hawaii and you’re down to 52 officer fatalities in 2019.

52. Now we can finally talk about the violence / aggression based fatalities police face while on duty. That would work out to be: 49 from firearm related deaths, 2 from beatings and 1 from strangulation.

52 deaths. Let’s use the very loose total police presence in America (provided by the same group) of “over 900,000” and just round it down to an even 900,000. That works out to roughly .0058% of the current police officers employed were violently killed in 2019.

You know who has a more dangerous job? Just about everyone. Seriously… Here are some interesting job statistics for other professions. Granted some of these numbers are for 2018-2019 as the numbers provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics have not yet released the numbers for job related injuries/fatalities in 2019 yet but they don’t waver much from year to year so you can safely extrapolate from the 2018 numbers. These numbers were compiled by AdvisorSmith an insurance analysis group.

ProfessionInjury per 100,000Total Deaths
Pilots/Flight Engineers50.459
Paving and Surfacing Operators46.712
Derrick, rotary drill, and service unit operators, oil, gas, and mining40.110
Other transportation workers39.28
Roofers 3991
Maintenance workers, machinery37.49
Woodworkers 35.96
Septic tank servicers 34.30
Refuse/Recyclable Collectors 31.930
Iron/Steel Workers 2814
Drivers/Truck Drivers 26987
Farmers/Ranchers 25.6258
Rail-track Layers/Maintainers 25.43
Reinforcing Iron and Rebar workers253
First-line supervisors of farming, fishing, and forestry workers23.111

You’ll notice right away that police officers do not make an appearance on the list, as they aren’t in even the top 20 most dangerous professions in America, though they’d have you believe otherwise. The truth of the matter is that police do not face much violence or danger in their jobs.

It is through blatant lies such as this that they have invaded our local communities and terrorize our people with the military grade equipment that they gained access to via the 1033 Federal program. Now we have poorly trained, poorly-educated, low-IQ, scared out of their mind terrorists roaming our streets armed with AR-15s, MRAPs and head to toe black uniforms looking like any “bad guy” out of any Hollywood movie. The rise of the “warrior cop” has occurred in direct response to this nonsensical horseshit they continually spew. In fact it is getting safer to be a cop in America as from 2018 to 2019 they had a decrease in fatalities and injuries across the board. Yet they still advocate for greater armaments, immunities and access to our everyday lives.

So why is this important? Because if we are to ever fix anything in this country, some public protesting and resistance is going to be necessary. Ever noticed who the first people to respond to even a perfectly peaceful protest are? Yup, the police. If the protest is in anyway a threat to the status quo (read: effective) then they are going to kettle, pepper spray, beat, shoot and even drop a C4/Tovex TR2 bomb destroying entire neighborhoods until the status quo is maintained.

To improve anything truly in our society begins with radical police reform.


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