Reclaiming the truth in a stolen world.

Proudly Radical is my solo podcast that serves as part journal and part commentary on society, politics, the economy and world events at large. No restrictions, no filters, just my straight opinion on anything that comes across my mind.

Proudly Radical’s Schedule
Monday, Wednesday & Friday @ 5:30PM PST: Livestream on the Podbean network
Tuesday & Thursdays @ 11:30 PM PST: Livestream on the Podbean network
Saturday: Old-school, offline rant episode
Sunday: Scripted episode & Article published


In a world full of things to complain about, why do it alone?

MLC is/was my first attempt at podcasting and has been split off from my solo work. Now MLC is home to the live-streamed weekly show co-hosted by fellow Las Vegas resident and long-time friend, Mike.