Misery Likes Company Livestream
Misery Likes Company Livestream
Episode 15 Remix - Let Your Hair Down, JoyTalks & Tarot Reading

In this mixed up episode, join Kai the Podbean community for a week’s end communal, relaxed show in which Joy from JoyTalks comes by and we have a chat about new podcaster and a recent caller into his show Teens Perspective  and parental techniques involving early teen behavior (it’s porn, we’re talking about porn here…) 

Afterwards Rich from the Full of Brologna podcast calls in to talk a few topics but we kick it off with talk about ‘Tiger King’.

And proving herself a trooper and amazing sport about it all, P0etic from the The Whole-E Shift!! Podcast calls in and does a tarot card reading for me live on air! Not a believer at all but mad respect to her for calling in knowing who she was dealing with. Nothing but love P0etic!