Back after a few days (tonsillitis is a bitch) and still possibly slightly contagious so Mike is remote again. Next week we’ll be back to normal. We talk Atomic Testing Museum, some asides about nuclear tech*, a protest on Fremont street, MLK, The FBI trying to get MLK to kill himself, COINTELPRO, the bombing of CORE’s building in Philly, a LA Times article about the Pentagon and CIA arming opposing groups who are fighting, MDMA assisted psychotherapy gaining ground, a promising multi-type cancer treatment involving a newly discovered type of T-Cell, the Edelman survey, Chicago PD wanting their misconduct records destroyed after 5 years and the new Las Vegas Allegiant Stadium which cost nearly $2 billion with $750 million being provided by the taxpayers.

*Kai’s Note: When discussing nuclear delivery systems I mistakenly said Patriot when I meant Crusie. My dimensions of the warhead and potential effects remain the same.

You can find the various links mentioned in the show below:–King_suicide_letter