In this evening livestream we have a repeat troll come back through and pick up an interesting new tactic that exploits Podbean’s terrible moderation system for dealing with users. This member of the cult of trump is particularly enamored with myself and I couldn’t be more flattered that they spend so much time obsessing over my words. Eventually the event comes to a head with a semi-legitimate exchange that results in them trying to then “save my soul” or some other such nonsense. Eventually they grew bored and declared myself and fellow listeners to be unworthy of being saved and moved on with their sad existence. I wish the fellow well though, whatever he/she ends up doing (as long as they fuck right off). We then get to talk to a not so left, lefty who believes gun violence is America’s #1 top priority and a right wing advocate for Trump and anti-abortion.

There were some headlines covered at the beginning but I’m too tired and lazy right now to bother sourcing them.