In this episode, the second in a mini-series of three, I will be taking a 36 question long political spectrum test in an effort to further explore the language of politics both in general and specifically in America today. Given some of my edge-case beliefs it should be an interesting experiment, especially when we get to compare the results.This test will be the Pace News Political Compass test which, according to their website, is a test that profiles political personalities applicable to all democracies . They use a standard 2 axis (X/Y) graph to plot their results with Left/Right being the X axis and Authoritarian/Libertarian being the Y axis. The resulting quadrants (clockwise) are described as Authoritarian Left, Authoritarian Right, Libertarian Left & Libertarian Right.For a cheater’s look at my results you can see them here and the printable certificate with the various historical/political figures plotted in addition to my results can be found here.