In this episode, the second in a mini-series of three, I will be taking a 36 question long political spectrum test in an effort to further explore the language of politics both in general and specifically in America today. Given some of my edge-case beliefs it should be an interesting experiment, especially when we get to compare the results.This test will be the IDRLabs Political Coordinates test which, according to their website, is a political quiz that attempts to obtain your scores on the two major political scales found in Western democracies. They use a standard 2 axis (X/Y) graph to plot their results with Left/Right being the X axis and Communitarian/Liberal being the Y axis. The resulting quadrants are described as Left-liberalism (Social Liberalism), Right-Communitarianism (Conservatism), Left-Communitarianism (Social Democracy) & Right-Liberalism (Libertarianism).For a cheater’s look at my results you can see them here.