In this afternoon livestream we, as usual, cover some of the more pressing headlines of the last day or two, talk some current events, Rich stops on by and we have a discussion about patriotism, another podcaster and just some general back and forth.

Rich, Xhartos and myself with Glenn from RCS (who eventually stops in) have a long discussion about our upcoming go at playing some Fate Accelerated in a livestream and I geek out on explaining to them the nature of the system and some of the rulesets since Rich was wholly unfamiliar and Xhartos is a D&D player from way back. So look forward to that coming soon as well!

Also I had a technical error on my part as I didn’t record the USB track that handles the call ins but I have a backup for that sort of situation so no worries. 🙂

Proudly Radical Intro
-MLK Jr. Speech on Racial and Economic Injustice
-Daniel Birch – One Man