In this episode I talk a bit about my ongoing sclerosing injection treatment for my morton’s neuroma (fucking ouch!), my absolute dogshit sleep schedule, hypnotists, magicians, mentalists, con-artists and pickpockets with special mention of Richard Turner, Apollo Robbins, Derren Brown and Dave Elman. And of course no podcast of mine would be complete without me covering some irritating news of “the day” that is making things worse for us all: Russia is going to try and build their own segmented Internet, their distrust and attempt at squashing out hip-hop in their country, the semi-sanctioned murder of Brazilian Indigenous Tribal leader Paulo Paulino Guajajara by loggers who have been emboldened by right-wing crypto-fascistĀ  Bolsonaro, the reversal of EO 13688 and the Trump administration “surge” sending a new tsunami’s worth of military gear (armored vehicles, bayonets, grenade launchers, etc) into the waiting greedy arms of the country’s “police”, the $3.5B loss that corn farmers are facing, the obsession with the medically unnecessary removal of animals gonads in America and just a general rant towards people who vote/act against their own self-interests and the interests of the species as a whole.

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