In this headline rundown I discuss topics surrounding COVID-19, corporate malfeasance, Congressional insider-trading that used to be illegal that isn;’t because they exempted themselves from that law and the actions of Sen. Richard Burr, GOP Senators caught laughing at the concept of calling corporate bailouts “Freedom Payments”, Rand Paul calling immigrants “non-people”, 51 Republican Senators voting against the bill that would have expanded sick leave for millions of Americans, religious non-sense including Mormons pushing proselytizing while everyone is home and a regressive female blogger’s views on COVID-19 forcing women back into the house “where they belong”, the April 1st International Rent Strike and Tulsi Gabbard suspends her presidential campaign.

You can find the various links mentioned in the show below:

Proudly Radical Intro
-MLK Jr. Speech on Racial and Economic Injustice
-Daniel Birch – One Man