In this episode I talk about my adventures in podiatric medicine and how small fiber neuropathy sucks ass. I also cover the headlines of the day including minimum wage increases being a success in the New York area restaurants, the DOJ attempting to cover their asses relating to their unwillinigness to release Mueller report info to congress, President* Trump openly talking about committing (further) war crimes, the North Carolina gerrymandering decision, the DOJ attempting to (again) cover their asses except this time relating to frat-bro Brett Kavanaugh, Derek Harvey (Devin Nunes’ aide) releasing protected information in order to conduct a campaign of witness intimidation, the Bolivian protest/uprising and fight against fascistic right-wing forces, the NYPD waving guns around and threatening a crowd of people with their gross incompetence once again in order to collect a $2.75 fare that had been skipped by a teen and the ongoing legal case of a Pennsylvanian family who was arrested for loitering outside their own house. 

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