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Episode 16 - A Livestream to Decompress

In this afternoon livestream, I was just taking some time off from writing the next episode of Proudly Radical on Dominionism and decided to spend a couple hours streaming. We tried our best to not talk about COVID-19 but alas the entire newsfeed is filled to the brim with it but, we did manage to get a few other topics in as well as a few other headlines including the EARN IT act sneakily worming it’s way through Congress that is an attempt at undermining end-to-end encryption, a prisoner who was left to die (and did) and a few other topics. Unfortunately though conversation did inevitably turn back to the issue of the day.

You can find the various links mentioned in the show below:





Proudly Radical Intro
-MLK Jr. Speech on Racial and Economic Injustice
-Daniel Birch – One Man