In this very different livestream I have fun with Glenn & Kristina from the Random Couple Show while PodBean was having some fairly significant technical difficulties. They essentially would cut every livestream off entirely between 11 and 12 minutes. Glenn & Kristina were kind enough to do a mini-raid and brought over their audience and we actively manipulated the engagement scores a bit (all in good fun) while things got sorted out. We talked a wide variety of topics, took a caller from India who was practicing her English and just generally had a merry ole time. I also debuted a friend’s music that he let me have during our broadcast which you can find here (AdJam by Michael Sams) and played a variety of music from Jason Shaw over at AudioNautix.

Proudly Radical Intro
-MLK Jr. Speech on Racial and Economic Injustice
-Daniel Birch – One Man