Misery Likes Company Livestream
Misery Likes Company Livestream
Episode 14 - A Super Productive Double-Header

The primary focus of this entire episode is dedicated to shining a spotlight on Anarcho-Syndicalism/Socialism, explaining what they are and to demonstrate what they functionally  look like, identify some of the potential pitfalls, how they can be avoided and to provide methods on how to bring these ideologies and philosophies in to your life and community.

This is the longest published livestream to date (6 hours) and is contains some amazingly productive work. Although the beginning lacks a touch of chat/community involvement it definitely gets busy later on with several callers across the entirety including a curious high-schooler, a musician and fellow podcaster from California, a Texas-based dance instructor and an Indian caller looking to practice some English.

Song break: The Phosphorus Bombs – Remember When/Chain of Command/Through and Through

Misery Likes Company Livestream Intro
-Alan Watts – How to Eliminate Misery
-Daniel Birch – Maybe Someday I’ll Wake Up