In this episode I share a little bit of what it’s like to live with small fiber neuropathy – or at least the wearing mental component. I also talk about Boris Johnson’s lack of worker’s rights in his Brexit agreement, millions of apples have been left to rot in the fields because of the evacuation of European labor from Britain, ICE covering their asses by deleting video evidence of neglect resulting in the death of a refugee, a pseudo-Christian pastor in Florida has been making terroristic calls to violence on his “news” show, the senate shot down multiple bills to further criminalize outside/foreign assistance for political campaigns, 30 GOP morons barge into the House SKIF violating numerous policies and committing multiple crimes, according to the President’s* attorney affirms the President* can not be charged for even shooting someone dead while in office, Trump rolled back sanctions on Turkey showing his puppet strings ever so well, Las Vegas no longer to cooperate with low-level ICE reporting, Coka-Cola #1 polluting brand second year in a row, Amazon rainforest nears tipping point for feedback cycle resulting in the formation of savanna, lack of accountability in America and Trump’s Beautiful Wallâ„¢ that is gonna be built on the Colorado/Mexico border.

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