Back closer to normal rhythm and let’s get to some political headlines from the day. I cover the on-going manipulations and undermining conducted by the GOP to our national election security, the Russian strategy’s origins in Aleksandr Dugin, Facebook’s unwillingness to fix anything because it might “hurt” the conservatives, the backroom deal offered to Julian Assange by Dana Rohrabacher in an effort to make some of the dirt go away, the appointment of a truly unqualified individual to be “Acting” Director of National Intelligence, the White House finally admitting that tariffs actually hurt the economy (though they half-assed it, the DoD’s Inspector General report that showed $876 million in contracts went to ineligible companies, Florida’s GOP facebook pages being managed by someone out of Turkmenistan and the strangeness of that, the Florida GOP’s failed attempt at further preventing felons from voting despite the amendment that the citizens passed, how it took a Federal judge to order the CBP to treat refugees as fucking human beings and to stop acting like Nazis and finally Mango Mussolini’s xenophobic old-man rant against the movie Parasite (despite, of course, never having seen it).

You can find the various links mentioned in the show below: