Misery Likes Company Livestream
Misery Likes Company Livestream
Episode 11 - First Video Simulcast!

In this livestream we/I take to video for the first time! We also cover decent ground with the COVID-19 situation, do some headlines from around the world, debut the new Bad Cop No Doughnut segment, have a wonderfully delightful caller from New Zealand that brought some very good points and discussion to the topic of next stage evolution for global economics, view a video I took of the apocalyptic scenes at my local Whole Foods and have some fun chat interaction with a few of our regulars.

Link to the livestream video: https://youtu.be/jyNMTGtr8MY

Misery Likes Company Livestream Intro
-Alan Watts – How to Eliminate Misery
-Daniel Birch – Maybe Someday I’ll Wake Up

Break Songs
The Polish Ambassador – Darker Shades of Wizardry
et_ – Kopeika