Misery Likes Company Livestream
Misery Likes Company Livestream
Episode 10 – Medical Marshall Law, Authoritarianism/Voting, Headlines & More

In this livestream we discuss some of the authoritarian ramification of COVID-19 outbreaks and potential quarantine scenarios, general systemic oppression, possible alternatives to force driven systems, whether our present method of voting is effective and ways to optimize our voting habits, we covered a variety of headlines involving police overreach, corporate malfeasance, New Jersey violating the second amendment rights of a black security guard, the ICC investigating US war crimes in Afghanistan and an interesting call in from Pakistan.

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-Alan Watts – How to Eliminate Misery
-Daniel Birch – Maybe Someday I’ll Wake Up

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Sistema Kriminal – Escoria Social
Sans Libertas – A La Mierda Los EUM