In this livestream I start off discussing my latest binge of the Assassin’s Creed video game series and the corrupting force of capitalism even in something as “simple” as video games. We also have a talk about taxes in their many forms and implementations here (the USA) and abroad, the extraction of wealth by the wealthy and the oppression of poor people in general. We also discuss voting and different voting styles after my anecdote about voting in the Nevada Democratic Caucus. Also on the table is the ramifications of the Poverty of Philosophy and we as always take a caller.

***Due to some strangeness with Audition I had to use the backup stream recording of this show and as such some audio elements may be below the quality that is normal for our show (music, etc). Sorry for that!

Songs used in this episode:
Elephant Funeral – The Greedy
Yarostan – L’inertie du mouvement (The Inertia of Movement)
Toussaint – New Gods (feat Molly Dean and Chersti Rydning)
The Polish Ambassador – Electrons Orbiting Melancholy
Provided and used under Creative Commons licensing.