In this stream we had our very first racist caller and surprisingly enough, it was a black man. While we all harbour no ill feelings towards him, I (Kai) unfortunately had to disconnect him as a caller because while I’m all for an open forum and discussion of differing view points, I refuse to platform certain ideologies. While that goes against my instincts that are anti-censorship, I also feel it’s my responsibility and right to end a discussion when it has become counter-productive as that one had.

Besides the fireworks that was that singular caller, we had some amazing back and forths, Glenn from the Random Couple Show stopped in and also was a caller for the end of the show.

Homelessness, audio equipment and class warfare were also on the table. As well as a small discussion on pejorative epithets.

We also received our first gifts from livestream! (shout out to fridaykindofguy!).