In this episode I end up in a solid rant towards the end with just a bit of personal journaling up front and a bunch of headlines and stories for the majority of the episode.

I talk about my shift from non-participation/apathy to voting and active participation despite my streaming partner’s (and friends’) opinions on the matter. I show some love and support for Bernie Sanders and some of his latest (and not so latest) policy choices/bills. Of course it wouldn’t be a day in American news and politics without mentioning some of the latest atrocities and horrors committed by the “conservatives” and this shitshow of an administration. Starting with a Pastor who lamented at not assaulting John Bolton when he got the chance and that Jesus would have “kicked the crap out of him” as well.

Sitting firmly in the “horror” side of the camp the administration is rolling back the policy that restricted use of landmines and handing authority to use them to military commanders. In the cruelty for cruelty’s sake arena ICE murdered another asylum seeker by allowing a 16 year old to lay on the cold concrete floor while sick with the flu and refusing him proper treatment. To emphasize the point I talk a bit about the missing 1,475 children (that we know of) that ICE/HHS “lost”.

Addressing climate change and one particular “fun” effect I talk about a story out of the west coast concerning dungeness crab and how the increased acidity of the ocean in now dissolving their shells and destroying their sensory organs.

Also a story of note is the massive 20%, in one year (2019), uptick in family farm bankruptcies being declared.

Rounding out the effects of capitalism on people I talk about how Chipotle restaurants in Massachusetts were fined $1.2 million for over 13,000 child labor violations and how Starbucks was sued into finally (as in for the first time EVER) giving their baristas sick leave.

Ending on the firefighters’ protests in France and their battles with the police.

You can find the various links mentioned in the show below: