PGP Public Key

Encrypted Form
Use this if you lack the means to use the PGP email.

There are a multitude of ways to contact me, not even including just jumping on a Sunday livestream (9pm Pacific [-8GMT]) and saying hello.

The easiest ways to contact me can be found on the left of this page. If you choose to stop in on the forums (requires basic registration) just create a post and mention me by saying @kai anywhere in the body of your post and I will get an alert.

Otherwise, stop in on my discord server and send me a message, send me an email directly or even hit me up on WT.Social.

In any case, I look forward to hearing from you, whoever you may be.

PS. If you’re an extraterrestrial or advanced AI be sure to send me a message. 😉

If you want/need to send me information securely you can utilize two different methods that I have provided. 

  1. Under the email section you can find my PGP public key which is a 4096 bit, long passphrased key which will come directly to my personal email account. MD5 Checksum of public key file kai@kaisthings.asc: 7AB1AC309A954678B909F3B249DA29A0
  2. You can use the encrypted form method which when combined with a VPN or Tor will be essentially untraceable (provided your system is not compromised).