Hey there travelers, my name’s Kai. I’m a malcontented rebel-at-heart who dreams of overthrown systems as the masses rise up and welcome to my home on the Interwebs.

I’m a former IT consultant, turned miserable fucker due to a physical disability (progressive neuropathy) who currently lives in Las Vegas and pays too much attention to the news probably. This is my digital space, a place for me by me in which I can ramble on about topics near and dear to my heart, personal troubles, politics, religion and whatever third-rail topics that get people’s knickers in a twist without much of a filter. If it ever bothers you, hit up the contact info and drop me a line, we can discuss it on the mic as I’m always open to the conversation.

With a life full of oddball/weird experiences, culminating in holding some opinions and beliefs that many may not be comfortable with nor even be aware were an option to have, I will be spouting off on the regular. Fundamentally, I’m just a guy, screaming into the void for fun.

But whoever you are, I love that you’re reading this and know you are quite welcome in my digital house (as it were) and I’d love to have a chat about “it”, whatever it may be.

We’re all just people in the end, unless you’re an alien or sentient AI, in which case for sure hit me up!

...and my gear.


  • Interface: RØDECaster Pro
  • Microphones: (1x) Shure SM7B (2x) Behringer UltraVoice XM8500
  • XLR Cables: Mogami Gold STUDIO
  • Recording Software: OBS & Adobe Audtion


  • Nikon D1100
  • Canon Rebel SL2
  • Logitech Brio
  • Multiple lens for each camera though my favorite for stills is probably my EFS 24mm for the Canon.


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